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We had no clue how to grow a customer base

Ten minutes later, we answered the phone

Nothing felt better than when we first opened the new Heating and A/C business. We were sure we were going to be an instant success, but that wasn’t accurate. The only thing we didn’t know how to do was grow a customer base. Someone told us we needed a website. We went online to create a website on one of those build-your-own website websites. When we made our website live, we got no new business. We could not figure out what was wrong. We contacted someone who worked for the website where we created our Heating and A/C website. We asked him what we had done wrong. She told us we needed more SEO. Without SEO, no one was going to find our website. We asked him what SeO was and how we used it. He told us SEO was a series of keywords and phrases that worked as a beacon for the searchers. As long as we had the right SEO, customers doing searches for Heating and A/C companies in their area, would see our Heating and A/C website come up in their search. We were literally scratching our heads over where we could find the keywords and phrases we needed. He asked if he could call us back. He had another woman online. Ten minutes later, we answered the phone. The young man was calling from his cell phone. He told us to cancel this website and contact an online marketing business. We should ask for an Heating and A/C specialist and spend money on him to create a professional website that is guaranteed to get business for our Heating and A/C business.

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