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The dermatologist said she could do anti-wrinkle botox injections.

I was in to see my dermatologist last week.

  • I keep getting these annoying skin tags under my arms and around my eyes.

I go in regularly for her to look at my skin and check for skin cancer and to have the skin tags and other little skin problems taken care of. Last week I was in to see her, and she asked if I was interested in anti-wrinkle botox injections. I don’t like staring at myself in the mirror but I do look. I hadn’t noticed any concerning wrinkles that would cause me to think I needed anti-wrinkle botox injections. She told me that I lived with my face, and I wouldn’t be as aware of those wrinkles as other people were. My husband was sitting next to me, and he looked incredulous. He couldn’t believe my dermatologist was pushing anti-wrinkle botox injections to her patients. He thought it was against medical rules for her to do this, and he said so. My husband seldom opened up to my doctor’s unless he thought they were wrong, but mostly he kept quiet. I had never seen him voice his opinion so loudly or vehemently. He said we were going to find a better dermatologist who was more interested in their patients than pushing anti-wrinkle botox injections. He then looked at me and asked if I wanted these shots and I shook my head. He smiled and told me I was beautiful, and he didn’t think I needed them either. We walked out of the dermatologist office that day, and never went back. I found another dermatologist who didn’t once mention any type of botox injections.
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