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She wanted armpit injections before her wedding.

My sister had a terrible problem that made her very upset. She was embarrassed to talk about her problem, and she didn’t even want to discuss with her doctor. For the past five years, she had been wear armpit guards to keep her from sweating through her clothing. I’m not sure if her fiance was aware of her overactive sweat glands, but she wanted to deal with them before the wedding. She said she wanted armpit injections before she got married. She didn’t want to sweat through her dress and have horrible wet spots under her arms, even before the vows were exchanged. I couldn’t blame her, because I knew how bad her sweating was, and how she would cry about it. I went to the doctor with her, when she went for her first armpit injection. He numbed the areas where he had to put the armpit injections and continued talking to her and asking questions about her wedding. She hadn’t minded it very much, but I don’t know if it was senseless chatter or the numbing he did prior to the armpit injections. He said he wanted her to come back a couple of months before the wedding and have more armpit injections. If she was back three or four days before the wedding, she would be sweat-free for as much as six months. After her first set of armpit injections, she felt so good about herself, she planned to make the armpit injections a regular part of her healthcare routine. She said getting armpit injections should be as important as getting a mammogram.

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