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Never judge a book by its cover, the new guy was the best heating expert in out department

Many people have the tendency to look down on the people that join their team last. This was the mistake most people at the Heating and Air Conditioning company I work for did, however Dave was polite and honestly respectful despite being introduced as the best heating professional in the industry. My boss spoke highly of him that he had to convince him to join the company straight from school. Unfortunately, not many people were gleeful about a young man being praised and loved by the boss. It seemed as though he would choose Dave to replace him after retirement. Unfortunately for Dave, this meant attracting a lot of unfriendly interactions at the workplace. I knew how this felt so I tried to be friendly and cool with him. He did not struggle with anyone for the easy Heating and Air Conditioning service jobs. Instead, he happily accepted any jobs given to him, even those that were beneath his skills. It took every other senior Heating and Air Conditioning business failing to handle the heating device in the mayor’s office for Dave’s real prowess to be felt. When most people else failed, the boss sent Dave and was confident he would fix whatever the issue was. Surprisingly, Dave was able to resolve the heating issue in no time. After about twenty minutes, the furnace in the mayor’s office was working like it had no problems prior to Dave’s intervention. After this experience, most people in the office had a new admiration for him. Everything changed from that point and he was now given some of the most challenging Heating and Air Conditioning upgrade jobs. He turned out to be honestly expertiseable and skilled with multiple Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. Everyone in the office would inquire about nee Heating and Air Conditioning technologies from him as he was honestly replaced. The nice thing is that he managed to stay humble.



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