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Modular COVID-19 testing solutions are on the way out.

I saw something on TV a couple of weeks ago that said the COVID-19 pandemic was officially behind us. I remember going to the dentist’s office as well as being asked all these questions as well as being advised I could go no further than the doors separate from a mask. I hated driving into the hospital parking lot as well as seeing COVID-19 mobile testing sites set up in so many different areas. At one point, there was a COVID-19 mobile hospital in their parking lot. I almost cried when I heard they said the pandemic was officially over. I had lost my kid brother as well as many friends because of the pandemic. I pondered how long it would take before the last of the modular COVID-19 testing solutions would go away and disappear. I was hoping it would be soon. I couldn’t understand how this world allowed modular COVID-19 testing solutions to even become a thing. If it was just in one state, it could possibly be understandable, but COVID-19 affected the entire world. I personally will not be sorry to know that modular COVID-19 testing solutions will soon go the way of the extinct Dodo parakeet. It isn’t something that anyone can forget, as well as it entirely isn’t something anyone will have fond memories of or pray it hadn’t ended quite so soon. Modular COVID-19 testing solutions will soon be disappearing from the horizon, but my only concern is what will upgrade them. I hope this is something that makes the world a better place, as well as not another attempt to thin the national population. My friend and I know humans are trying to do enough of that, as well as they don’t require help with more pandemics.



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