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I broke down after working nonstop for three weeks

Summer is one of the busiest seasons for any Heating and Air Conditioning business.

The Heating and Air Conditioning company I worked for has shifts with three to 4 Heating and Air Conditioning workers working at any given point.

I had just come back from my annual leave when my colleague had a medical emergency after falling while in a new attic AC upgrade. The company was already understaffed and my department had only three workers at a time. One of us having to stay away meant more work for the other two. As if that was not enough, my second colleague had to travel urgently after her daughter got into an accident on a school trip. This meant everything was thrown at me. The first week was a bit simple because I had a few routine Heating and Air Conditioning service plans to attend to. However, things got more challenging in the second week when calls intensified. The jobs were also diverse as I had to deal with ACs not working, blocked filter systems and more complex air conditioner complications. Most of the calls were emergencies which meant that I couldn’t sleep much. I had about 7 air conditioner repairs, and 5 Air conditioner tune-ups stressed that week. All these were in different locations which meant traversing different cities to get to each client. I wish it was a bit simple to handle the inspection and multiple inquiries from the inquisitive customers however this did not make my work easier. I had a few of the customers complain about my delay since I took longer in some of the other customers’ houses. The good news is that most were understanding after I explained the situation. Whenever I worked late, a few of the proper customers invited me for brunch which I was grateful for. Last year I relaxed a bit more when one of my coworkers came back. However, by the end of that week, I was too sleepy to handle anything more for the next 3 afternoons.

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