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Heat pump bet didn’t go well

At least we have a new heat pump this Summer. It’s early June but the heat and humidity are here. And they are here to stay for the next four months or so. But unlike last year, I’m feeling pretty good about our prospects for getting through yet another heat season unscathed. Last year at this time, I certainly couldn’t say that at all. We had made the bet that we could get through one more blast furnace of a Summer with our old heat pump. To be clear, that old heat pump was indeed old. It was 27 years old. And it wasn’t exactly the top tier when it comes to HVAC equipment either. But all the consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance that we provided to that residential HVAC sure made a difference. That thing went 27 years without a single hiccup until the very end. Our bet on that old heat pump was more of a failing than a confidence. We’d simply not been saving for new residential HVAC. So when the HVAC technician told us the heat pump probably wasn’t making it through another Summer, we were stuck. That’s why we decided to give it a go with that old heating and cooling equipment for one more round of Summer heat. And we really did make a good faith effort as well. The thermostat was never set higher during the peak heating hours of the day and even at night than it was last Summer. But all of our efforts were for naught as the old heat pump died before getting over the finish line. Yet, we were able to save some dough and now, we have the latest HVAC technology that’s going to keep us cool and save us money.


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