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After the sink faucet broke, we needed to find a plumber fast

My wife and I were hanging a light in the bedroom above the sink.

The light was supposed to link to the bottom of the cupboard where all of the cuts, plates, and dishes are located.

I was sitting on the counter using my cordless screwdriver to link the light to the wood. My wife thought that the wood was secure so she let go, however unfortunately, I only had one screw in the wood and the light was too heavy for the weight. The light fell down on top of the sink and broke the faucet. When the faucet broke, water started shooting out of the sink everywhere. I had to go out to the garage to turn off the water to the house. When I couldn’t find the main water line, I realized that it was out near the street. It took me a minute to find it and then I had to get a rent to turn off the water. We used all of the clean towels in the property to clean up all of the water. We needed a plumber fast and this was an emergency. We contacted the plumbing dealer near me with the best rates and deals on services. The plumbing dealer is one of the largest in the county and they always have service sales and specials listed online. I found a coupon for a free estimate with any service and I contacted the emergency plumbing service. I told the lady on the phone that the faucet broke and we would need a new one and she told us not to worry because help was on the way.



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