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Affordable tiny homes are a new option.

I never thought that eventually I would consider the purchase of an affordable tiny home. I remember when I was young, as well as I would go to church campground with my Grandparents. There were tiny houses in tight little circles. There was a lavatory with a shower, two small family rooms, as well as a sitting room with a small kitchen on the first floor. I sometimes wonder if that isn’t where the idea of buying a tiny dwelling first came from, however you would have all the comfort of home, but in a smaller scale. I always felt very comfortable as well as safe when in that tiny home, even though I never thought I would consider purchasing an affordable tiny dwelling as well as living in a tiny dwelling community. The first time I was inside a tiny home, was when I was dating a man named Jack who ended up being a very great friend. After going to the motion pictures, Jack invited me back to his dwelling where he prepared dinner for us. I felt claustrophobic looking at Jack’s dwelling from the outside, but once inside, I started remembering the tiny dwelling from the church campground. I didn’t feel claustrophobic, as well as I couldn’t believe how nice and roomy it was inside. I couldn’t afford to buy a house, even though I couldn’t live with my mom the rest of my life. Apartments were too crowded with all the home dwellers. Now that I’ve seen affordable tiny homes, I think it could be a choice for my living situation. I even liked being around the people who lived in the local tiny dwelling community.

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