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We had to get a central Heating and A/C system for our second home

We’ve always considered buying a second home as a sound financial move.

However, my friend and I had different opinions on the best type of house to purchase.

Wherever there were bears, I envisioned my future home to be far away and picturesque. But my significant other was set on having a home by the water. Naturally, as the head of the household, I agreed that the lake home was the best option for a second home, and look, I have been married for nearly three decades, and I know when to put up a fight, and when to shake my head in agreement; furthermore, she was right about the lake home being the best option, as it tested all the right boxes as an idyllically situated second home in an exclusive lake home community with a HOA. My friend and I bought it and immediately began making improvements, one of which was installing brand new heating and air conditioning. A heating and cooling system was installed by the previous owners, but it was nearly 15 years old. They said it was still in perfect condition, but my friend and I decided it would be best to start over. The home’s antiquated heating and cooling system, along with other antiquated appliances, had to be replaced. The deck, which overlooks the beautiful lake, was another potential target for renovation by my colleague and I. We considered giving it a more rustic appearance. My coworker called a local HVAC company and had someone come out to inspect the system. After getting an estimate from the expert, my friend and I got to work on replacing the antiquated heating and cooling system in our current lake house.

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