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Take it easy with the radiant heater

This week marks day six of my recovery from the flu, which, I must say, really knocked me down this time around.

Instead of thinking about how I feel now, I’d rather think about how I’ll feel in the future.

Last night I had a good night’s sleep, and now that it’s 11 in the morning, I’m back at work. I’ll sleep in tomorrow and then get together with my bandmate on Tuesday to get back on track with our music. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have the stamina to make a funny rock n’ roll about work like the one my friend and I made about heating and air conditioning coils and space boilers right now. This is the week where I finally get my work done and can reward myself by going to the beach in the evening after the sun goes down and catching up with old friends. I was supposed to clean an HVAC duct for a client on Tuesday night, but I came down with a nasty flu on Tuesday night, so I haven’t been in to work at the cooling corp since last Wednesday, when I was still feeling fantastic. After promising the shopper that I’d be back the following day, I had to leave the job because I became ill with the flu. I’m in pretty good shape today; the only downside is some congestion in my sinuses, which I plan to remedy with a round of neti pot use as soon as I’m done with this article. The time has come for me to clean the filter in the heater.
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