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Our second house needed a central heating and cooling system

Owning a second home has always been a part of our investment strategy.

However, my friend and I couldn’t agree on what kind of family to get.

My partner, on the other hand, preferred a lake house in a remote location with bears all around. There was an exclusive lake house community with a HOA that she’d been eyeing, and he was convinced that was the best location, but naturally, as the guy of the house, I agreed that the lake house was the best choice for a second home, and look, I’ve been married for nearly three decades, and I know when to fight and when to shake my head in agreement! Plus, he was correct that the lake house was the best option because it checked all the right boxes as an investment property. After my friend and I bought it, we had to do some renovations, including installing a new HVAC system. The previous owners had a heating and cooling system, but it had been in the house for nearly 15 years. They claimed the unit was still in excellent condition, but my friend and I decided it was best to start over. As a result, the old HVAC system and several other appliances in the house had to be replaced. My wonderful friend and I also discussed redoing the deck to give it a more rustic appearance while overlooking the magnificent lake. My partner contacted a local heating and cooling supplier, and they came over to inspect the system. After that, my friend and I received a quote from the professional, and work on replacing the aging HVAC system in our new lake house began.


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