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My home air vents may have made a noise

My time spent with Tiffany at her rural farm was a highlight of my time with our dealer, and I’m not surprised that she followed through on her promise to leave the village.

She applied for the open position, was interviewed for it, and ultimately received the job. Ten years into her career, she casually mentioned that she was sick of city life. Tiffany told me her intentions when I asked what she wanted to do. It seemed strange, but I had no doubts about her ability to see the plan through. After waiting another three years, Tiffany discovered the perfect place, complete with a restored farmhouse and twenty acres of land. The previous owners had passed away, and their offspring were eager to sell the property because they no longer had any use for it. She was excited to have me over after she had settled in and show me the animals that came with the house. Coming back to the village to find my furnace off made me envious of her lifestyle. Since I would be gone for two weeks, I turned it off to save money and avoid having the heater on while I was away. Nonetheless, I wanted the warmth of my home immediately because it was freezing inside. As I got closer to the furnace, I was startled by a strange noise coming from the vents. To my ears, those noises resembled rats. I had to call an exterminator because they had obviously moved in while I was gone and the furnace was not working.

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