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I contacted an HVAC company for the first time

Let’s say you take a trip to a state today and end up falling in love with a particular region there.

What a terrifying thought! Yes, that’s what I did toward the end of last year. I was sick of my job and my routine, so I took a trip during the fall. Since I hadn’t taken a vacation in a while, no one seemed to mind when I announced that I’d be gone for a full month. I traveled to several unusual spots before settling in a region far to the north. Truth be told, my only familiarity with the state was its name and a few urban legends. When I woke up, I found myself in a quaint, picturesque town and I didn’t want to leave. That’s when I decided to stop what I was doing and devote myself full-time to my side hustle, which was writing articles about HVAC systems. I returned, purchased a modest house on three acres, and moved there. My city home sold in record time, and I had a healthy emergency fund to get me to my new location. The only thing missing from an otherwise ideal house was up-to-date heating and cooling. Previous owners apparently used it as a vacation rental, so only a window AC was installed. Space boilers were installed for the use of guests during the colder months. Still, I was intent on acquiring a top-notch HVAC system, so I set out to find a local provider. This was my first experience communicating with an HVAC company, and I found contact information for one online. The nice lady got what I was trying to say and said she’d have a heating and cooling specialist check out my place.


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