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Heating service and life service

My body needs my attention so that I can focus on serving my life.

  • Although I do a great job of keeping up with my diet and exercise routine, I haven’t been as good about maintaining regular doctor’s appointments.

After neglecting my teeth for about three years, I’ve finally scheduled a visit to the dentist in the hopes that they can fix the cracks, relieve the pain, and whiten my teeth. Because I’ve been grinding my teeth for so long without protecting them with a bit plate as recommended, one of my once-perfect molars has been worn down to nothing and another is completely gone. Since I know what’s coming down the pike, I’ve been avoiding the doctor and focusing instead on heating technology at the HVAC firm. However, I will continue to lose teeth if I don’t pursue that option, and that would make things a lot worse for me. I’m going to the local supplier for a cleaning soon and I hope they can fix up my teeth so I can smile confidently again like my friend who works in HVAC. Since most of my savings are invested in a stock that has yet to recover, I am currently strapped for cash. My insurance covers some of the cost, and I have about $500 saved up from my time as a heating and air conditioning sales representative to put toward dental work, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they can bond the cracks and make that one painful tooth feel normal again. I guess I better head to the store down the street and pick up some toothpaste.

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