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Heating repair plus life repair

You know what’s tough about life, repairs and they are necessary in life. I need to give my body’s repair some thought. I do well when it comes to diet and exercise, but not so well when it comes to routine maintenance and doctor checkups. After not visiting for about three years, I finally scheduled an appointment with a nurse. I’m hoping they can fix some cracks, relieve my tooth pain, and whiten my teeth. I used to have completely healthy teeth, but after years of grinding and failing to wear the bit plate as instructed, my molars are worn down and one tooth is missing. At the HVAC supplier, I have concentrated on heating technology, and lately, I have avoided the nurse because I already know what is coming up. However, if I stay here, I will continue to lose teeth, and life will not be as pleasant. As my HVAC tech friend recently did when he went in for a cleaning, I hope the neighborhood supplier can fix up these teeth and make my smile attractive once more. I do not have much extra money right now because it is invested in a stock and I have to wait for it to hopefully rebound again, but I do have insurance and about $500 saved from the HVAC rep labor that I can use for my teeth. Hopefully they will be able to fill the cracks and fix the one painful tooth with the help of these funds. I’m going to get some toothpaste from the neighborhood retailer now.

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