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Getting a wonderful steam boiler

It’s been a while and I’m extremely happy recently.

So that I have the energy to complete my work today, I need to eat something.

Since I have been able to avoid getting sick for the past six afternoons, almost all of my symptoms have subsided today. However, I still feel pretty exhausted and will probably need to rest some more. I hope I have enough energy to host my neighbor, who is scheduled to arrive tomorrow night and stay for one or two days, without having to stay in bed the entire time. I haven’t seen her in a few years, so cleaning the HEPA filter is a must before she arrives. I would cherish having excellent indoor air quality in my apartment while she is here. My apartment needs some cleaning as well, but I am still exhausted today, so I might put off any cleaning until tomorrow. Before she arrives, I would like to clean the heating and air conditioning system, but I am not sure how well the dust will fare in the cold I have. Perhaps I should postpone that or just hire a heating and air conditioning technician to come out and do it for me. Since she is currently in another village and might decide to stay there until her plane departs in three more afternoons, I still need to wait and see if she will even come tomorrow. She works as a cooling technician and was scheduled to visit me last Sunday, but my sudden flu-like illness the previous evening changed everything.


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