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Getting a great steam boiler

I have work to do today, and I need to eat so that I can keep my energy up.

I’ve made it through the last six afternoons with the flu, and this week almost all of my symptoms have disappeared, but I’m still feeling pretty darn wiped out and need to rest some more, I guess.

Tomorrow night, a friend of mine is coming to stay for a couple of afternoons and evenings, and I really hope I have enough stamina to be a good host and not fall asleep on the couch the entire time. I haven’t seen his face in a few years, and I’d really appreciate it if my apartment had pristine air quality for him to enjoy while he’s here, so I’ll have to clean the HEPA filter first. The apartment needs to be disinfected as well, but I’ve been exhausted this week and may not get to it until tomorrow. Before he arrives, I’d like to disinfect the HVAC system, but I’m not sure if the dust will survive the freezing I have. Perhaps I should wait, or I could hire an HVAC technician to come and do it for me. Since he is currently in a different area, I have to wait and see if he plans to return tomorrow or if he will instead remain there until his plane departs three more afternoons later. She works in cooling and was supposed to come stay with me last Sunday, but my good fortune ran out the night before, and I came down with the flu instead.



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