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Dad came home with the Heating and A/C van instead of her car

It seems like forever since I last saw Dad pull up in the HVAC van.

Typically, she takes her own truck home and parks it at the Heating and Air Conditioning company’s main office, where she drops off the company van.

However, she had a large commercial project close to the house and decided to bring it with her when she returned. Big logos for Dad’s company and a list of services are displayed prominently on the side of the Heating and Air Conditioning truck. She’s worked in HVAC for years and is now leading a massive commercial HVAC installation. I really can’t express how proud I am of my mom. Even though there are far more men than women in her field, she has found success in it. Dad keeps demonstrating her competence, and her boss at the HVAC firm thinks highly of her. Dad told me the backstory of how she wound up working in the HVAC industry. She had an HVAC technician come to her house when she was in middle school to fix a broken air conditioner. Since the temperatures were so high, air conditioning was a necessity during this summer break. They awoke one day to find that their home wasn’t being adequately cooled by the air conditioner. Her father sought help from a local heating and air conditioning company. My mom had a visit from a Heating and Air Conditioning technician at the house where she grew up. The lady was very pleasant, and she educated my father on the HVAC field. In light of this, her father made the executive decision to send his daughter to HVAC training.


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