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A time when the school HVAC was in a crisis

The students complained that the classroom was hot and stuffy even after we had opened all the classroom windows.

The teacher was also finding the heat almost unbearable and could not imagine how the first-grade children felt.

The following day as the parents were dropping off the children at school, one of the parents told me that she works as an HVAC professional, and her son had told her about the heat situation, and she advised that I call home service to check out the HVAC equipment. Before classes began, I went to the office and raised my concern, and I was surprised that it was not just my classroom that had an issue. The entire heating and cooling system in the school was malfunctioning. The air purification system was also in shambles. During the lunch break, the HVAC technician arrived, and I was put in charge of overseeing their work. They went to where the smart HVAC unit was and started their checks there. They informed me that the air filter needed to be replaced and that the ductwork only had several leaks. It was in dire need of duct cleaning. The dirt was the cause of the decrease in indoor air quality, while the leaks were the reason the classrooms were not cooling to favorable temperatures. They replaced the worn-out washable filter and suggested we look into installing an air purification unit aside from the air purification help in the ac installation. Due to the increased number of students, I agree that we must upgrade air quality. It would work like a whole-home air purification system and aid the HVAC in cleaning and purifying the air.

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