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Replacing my Grandmother's jammed up air filter

We had all settled in our Grandmother’s home plus were so excited to be there.

A group of us, her grandchildren, had planned a surprise visit for the whole weekend, and everything was going well other than the fact that she was punctuating every sentence with a cough which made me ask the last time she had the Heating plus Air Conditioning component serviced because it could be that her indoor air quality was compromised.

She disclosed that it had been a whole year, plus since everything was working fine, she had no cause for alarm. I called the closest household maintenance supplier for a tech to check her Heating plus Air Conditioning system. The Heating plus Air Conditioning professional came later that afternoon, plus the first thing he observed was that the air filter needed to be updated since it was almost jammed, plus duct cleaning was mandatory since all the dirt that the filter could not achieve ended up in the ducts. This was why her air quality was not great plus had worsened her cough in the past two months. The smart Heating plus Air Conditioning also needed a new air purification help to improve indoor comfort. My Grandmother was shocked by all the work needed; she thought that because she had a whole-household air purification unit, that was all it took, plus official servicing was not required… For a home like hers, just a easy media air cleaner was not enough; it took more than air purification to have a habitable home. After the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional left, we did major general cleaning of the house. My associate and I loved the rest of our stay, plus the home felt fresher plus the air cooler than before.
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