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Working out in the sunshine

I live in an area where the weather tends to be hot and humid for the majority of the year; My fantastic friend and I rely heavily on the air conditioner, then i have a lanai constructed across the back of my condo that I use as a condo gym.

I have invested into battle ropes, a yoga mat, incline bench, mini trampoline, set of jump ropes and free weights, but the lanai features a brick floor and one wall that is absolutely built of screened windows.

I have a easily fantastic view of the lake behind my house, and while I savor having a fresh breeze, the conditions in the lanai frequently become hot and muggy, but because of the screens, it’s not possible to air condition the space. I utilize several box fans that don’t help much. I set the box fans to run at the highest speed, sit directly in front of the cool air, and yet I’m dripping sweat before I’ve completed my warmup. It’s hard to get motivated. I often feel sluggish and lazy. I make an effort to get up extra early in the afternoon and workout before the heat of the afternoon. This afternoon, I began my workout session at seven o’clock. The outside temperature was already seventy-seven degrees. I went through my official warmup, utilized the battle ropes and then lifted weights. I jumped on the trampoline and did all odd kinds of crunches on the incline bench. I followed a guided workout for jumping rope on my PC… After an hour of hard exercise, I was dripping sweat and needed to drink a lot of water. After a cool shower, I felt great.


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