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Good air quality when it rains

When it rains it always clears any exhausting air quality out of the atmosphere where I live, so I always look forward to when it rains for this genuinely reason; During and after a immense rain storm the air quality is just super great! It does not matter what time of the year it, but it could be winter, Springtime, summer time or even the fall, then when it rains the air quality is super charming! When this happens I love to be able to open up the windows in my home and let all that nice air quality in, and because after a few afternoons following the rain the air quality could get quite exhausting and then I have no choice but to have to go to my temperature control and turn on my whole home whole-house air purifier.

But having a whole home whole-house air purifier is nice because it can really help retain all that superb air quality you let in after the rain when you had the windows open.

So you have a mixture of the air purification type air quality and the natural and most positive air quality coming from mother nature all flowing throughout your home, then that is what I like best about the rain and the superb air quality mixed with the punch of my whole home whole-house air purifier which is superb when things start to get exhausting and you have to close up all the windows again. It was an investment and not something everyone could afford to have, however I am genuinely fortunate that I could and do not take it for granted!

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