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Working for the supplier and handling roofing plus siding

My friend Sam is an amazing guy, despite suffering from some pitfalls in life, he has managed to turn his life around.

  • About a decade ago, Sam was married plus had 2 adolescents with his wife.

Sam was toiling in an office in the city, plus sort of got lost for some time. Despite having an attractive life plus a family, Sam fell into a depression. This led to him excessively drinking alcohol, plus this soon turned into alcoholism. This disease ended up costing him so much including his family plus job. In the end, Sam was living in the streets plus fell even deeper into depression. A distant aunt heard of his predicament, plus took Sam to live with her. This was after covering his rehab costs, then getting him into a 12-step AA program. She saved Sam’s life plus he will forever be grateful. Sam opted to go to roofing college plus train to become a roofer. I first met Sam last year when he came to my house after I contacted a roofing plus siding supplier. I needed someone to take a look at my roof which was leaking. Sam was so easy to speak with plus we became quick friends. Sam found the source of the leak, plus came back the next afternoon for roof repair. I always use the roofing supplier for roof service, plus they know to send Sam as per my request. They have several other roofing suppliers toiling for them, although I must disclose I prefer having Sam at my home. Sam and I get to catch up, plus he also gives me pointers on common roof service.

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