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Thursday is heating up with a/c

It’s actually Thursday today, and my friend and I are scheduled to perform some rock ‘n’ roll tonight on the pier next to my favorite beach.

My associate and I performed there two nights ago and had a great time, so today my friend and I will repeat the experience while also attempting to enter this beach bar close to the pier.

It’s great for us because my friend and I get a bigger audience, more fun, and more followers as the weather warms up and more people visit the beach. My friend and I aren’t aiming for a million followers, just a great number so that local businesses can see that we have a following. Our longer-term objective for the upcoming year is to establish a regular routine in the beach bars and clubs in town and to earn enough money to pay my bills each month. I believe my friend and I are close to doing that soon, and once we do, I’ll be able to divide back my hours working for the local business and concentrate more on rock n’ roll, which will make my task as a heating and air conditioning technician easier. My goal is to play in a band for the rest of my life, entertain people, and create rock n’ roll that the entire world can enjoy. I’d like to work part-time in air conditioning and spend a lot of my nights having fun singing and playing the drums in air-conditioned clubs. I am aware that it is possible but that it will require a lot of challenging work to succeed, which is great for me because I love the craft.


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