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This winter I’m working for the heating company

I still need to complete my online work and my yoga session in three more hours before I can go shopping. I need to buy food today, and since I’m low on everything, that will cost a lot. Although this town is not yet ready for it, I wish they would just give me the food I need. The ability to simply order your daily food and have it delivered to your door at the same time is probably something that will be available in the future. If the neighborhood shop provided everything I required for the week, I would be very well off. The delivery trucks’ heating and cooling systems would need to be excellent so the food does not spoil on the way to my house; this would only take me about five minutes. After that, all I would have to do is put the food away. That would save me a ton of time, and I could use that extra time to work on my rock n’ roll or something else related to it. When it’s hot outside and the air conditioning in the store is cold, I do not mind doing my shopping at a nearby store. Given that my roommate enjoys shopping for some reason, I suppose I could pay her to shop for me and give her a reduced rent in exchange. In addition to programming the house’s temperature controls, I am better at repairing things like broken space boilers. Although I can’t say for sure why, shopping has never been enjoyable for me.



a/c set up