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The oil furnace is an apparition

My existence is like a movie.

I will tell you. The movie has dull sections that are followed by exciting sections. I’m currently going through a dull phase, but that will soon end and things will pick back up. I’ve been living as a monk for the past 16 months because I needed to purify my soul and calm my mind after a protracted and difficult relationship. That has now finally come to an end, and I am moving toward regaining the woman I was before everything went wrong. Through it all, I managed to maintain my Heating and Air Conditioning Technician position at the nearby company, and I’m glad they didn’t let me go when things in my personal life turned ugly. After leading such a boring life for the past year, the arrival of the summer and many new residents will spice up my life and possibly add some excitement. As long as they are air conditioned, I will be more than happy to perform for this new company that owns a number of the beach bars. Additionally, I want to do some gigs for them this summer. My friend and I should be on our way to success in no time, and I assume that our band will soon advance to the next stage. Until our band reaches a significant amount of time and my friend and I start to travel in air-conditioned luxury in our RV, my associate and I simply need to keep doing our heating and cooling work for the location my friend and I work for.

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