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The office is going to cool down

I suppose that in order to avoid the rush hour traffic today, I will go grocery shopping earlier than usual.

I’m going to go then and finish up more of my work online when I get back since that is when it is slowest, which is between 3 and 3:30 pm.

When I wait too long, there are long lines at the checkout counter and it takes me a while to get home. It’s Monday, and the only thing I have to do this evening is a quick leg workout on the sand. As the temperatures start to rise and I want to be comfortable while working in my office, air conditioning will start to run starting tomorrow. As part of my day’s activities, I am also doing some laundry, which is a relatively straightforward task overall. The mini split a/c system I have in my home office may be required tonight, so I want to go to bed early in addition to cooling down my room. Because of how hot it is getting, I don’t think a fan will be enough to keep me comfortable while I sleep tonight. The ductless mini split in my room is extremely effective, and I suppose if I run it for a couple of hours, I’ll sleep great the rest of the night using only the fan. Along with saving money by not running any air conditioners, I also open my window at night to let in some fresh air. In addition, opening the window allows me to enjoy the cool breeze and adds a touch of natural freshness to my sleeping environment.


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