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The final four cooling stories coming your way

With my work, I’m running out of time, and soon I’ll be done for the day. I’ll be getting my groceries from the store in 90 minutes, returning home, and doing some yoga. After that, I’ll just do a quick leg workout and then relax in my beach chair while watching my friends play ball. Today will be laid back. As far as playing goes, I suppose I have lost interest. I will definitely go for a run or hit the ball around a bit. As my friend and I take on a significant task for a commercial Heating plus A/C company close to our city, ductwork cleaning and maintenance will be on the agenda for the rest of the week. My friend and I plan to perform all three nights this weekend, with the hope of earning a little money along the way. I’m saving money from the work I do for the neighborhood business and want to purchase a new climate control system soon so that I can do so before winter sets in. My friend and I are simply keeping cool in the apartment by opening the windows because it’s a nice day and the weather is quite moderate. My friend and I won’t need any air conditioning for another few weeks or so because of the wonderful cross breeze. It’s probably time for a quick meal, and after I finish eating, I’ll finish writing this article before heading to a nearby restaurant for dinner. In conclusion, I’ll savor the laid-back day ahead, but my mind is already focused on the upcoming task of ductwork cleaning and saving money for a new climate control system.

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