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It’s been a long time with my cooling system

It’s funny, well, not really, but when my bandmate and I are out and about, all the women turn to look at him rather than at me.

She is roughly 25 years younger than I am, so I know my days of being the attractive man in the group are over.

I believe it is only natural for women to be drawn to younger men rather than an old man like me, so I must accept that I am growing older and simply deal with it with dignity and grace. I suppose I’ll soon get a facelift. Even though I am now outdated, there is still work for me in the heating and cooling industry, which is good because it keeps me off the streets and away from the eyes of women. I still get glances, but they are usually from older women now rather than younger ones. I don’t give a damn who looks at me or my friend as long as we can play rock ‘n’ roll in air-conditioned clubs. I don’t get as much satisfaction from how women perceive me as I do from making rock n’ roll and from playing the drums while I sing. When I worked as a heating and air conditioning technician and tested a/c units in clients’ homes, I did notice that women paid me more attention. I am no longer anything more than that old man who comes over to fix the house. However, I still feel young and am able to lift objects like heavy space boilers without getting out of breath. Not bad for a man of 56.
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