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A new elliptical for condo gym

I live too far from the closest organized gym for a membership to be worthwhile. I don’t have the free time for a thirty minute commute in each direction. For a while, I tried to fit in a workout at a fitness center on the way to or from work. I was either getting up so early in the day that I was totally fatigued or arriving at the condo so late in the evening that I got no time with my family. I need to be able to fit in a nice exercise session rapidly plus whenever the opportunity is available. Setting up a condo-sized gym was the perfect solution. It wasn’t all that difficult to empty out an unused home office plus build a good workout space. The greatest challenge was outfitting my gym with equipment. Workout gear plus fancy machines are seriously overrated. I started with smaller yet worthwhile options such as a jump rope, yoga mat plus set of hand-held weights. I gradually added a mini trampoline, battle ropes plus an incline bench. I slowly saved up the money to afford 1 of the greater, more complex machines. I did a lot of research before finally making a decision. There are many odd types of workout options on the market. I first considered a treadmill. However, these new machines are regularly quite large. There is a great deal of impact on the joints plus I can simply go outside. While a stationary bike causes no damaging strain on my knees, ankles or feet, I would care about riding my actual bicycle. I chose an elliptical because it provides the best benefits from my investment. It is one of the only machines that works both arms plus legs. I can burn a tremendous amount of calories in a rapid time plus yet the motion isn’t stressful on my joints. My feet never lift off the pedals.

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