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My kids always have to ask for help with indoor unit from me

My kids are in their teenage years but they still act like little babies.

  • It is quite strenuous to assign them condo chores but we are getting there… Because of this, they always come to me to help them with one thing or another.

It gets into my nerves periodically but then, I am a perfectionist. I cannot help it… My biggest problem is them messing up or displacing something. Somehow they seem not to care much about bothering me with questions. So, when I recently visited my best friend, I mentioned to her how my kids ask for help with everything, including help with indoor comfort. She wasn’t surprised, knowing I have OCD. But to put it simply, I would not want to spend time dealing with an Heating as well as Air Conditioning contractor or calling on a cooling worker every now as well as then because someone messed up the cooling. I have witnessed an Heating as well as Air Conditioning installation as well as the effort that goes into shopping for cooling unit as well as seeking the services of a cooling specialist for quality A/C service. Honestly, it is a lot of work for me. I am cheerful my friend gets me but as for the kids, I can train them to do condo chores but managing the temperature control in the condo is where I draw the line. It is expensive enough to book a local service provider to service your equipment, let alone replacing broken or malfunctioning unit like I had to do with my electric heat hump a few months back. On top of this, there is new cooling technology coming up consistently requiring user-education as well as more apps. I can hardly keep up periodically. But the fine thing is, all these cooling corporations are around to help us with all we need to know, however kudos to all the Heating as well as Air Conditioning contractors around.

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