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Hiring a plumbing to do my updates in the rentals

I own a whole bunch of rental properties, i read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad as well as it changed my life! The book shows you that in order to make money, you need to invest in assets.

I started buying stocks that unquestionably day.

I have slowly updated my rental portfolio, a massive portion of the book is to regularly be working to obtain more assets that make you money. The author stresses using your time wisely; So therefore I shouldn’t be doing electrical, plumbing as well as Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C labor on my rental properties, however my time is extravagant as well as I don’t need to do that. It is super good hiring out for all the necessary services. I have gotten quite a fine team through trial as well as error. I have an electrician that accepts money as well as gives me a deal on work. My Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C tech is a local guy that is a one person operation. The plumbing dealer I use is unquestionably professional. I get a new guy every time although I know the tech is certified as well as licensed. The guy knows what he is doing. I have hired out drain line service, gas line repairs, water heater removal, septic tank issues as well as just basically piping issues. The dealer is versatile in what they can do… What is doubly nice is that anytime I feel the need to renovate my home, I have a whole staff of qualified workers. When my wifey wanted to replace the bathroom, I just called the local plumbing to install the toilet, sink, shower drain as well as controls; He got me all set up for the handyman to take over.



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