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Cold air conditioning without a doubt keeps me awake

There are some afternoons where I can’t find it easy to acquire sleep.

  • I wouldn’t say I have sleeping complications for the most part, however there are some times where no matter what, I can never find it very easy to fall asleep, or if I do, I can’t stay asleep.

This is evidently a setback for me. I then wake up in the afternoon feeling similar to a zombie, usually so deep in a daze that I can’t even recall doing anything. It’s like I will blink and it will have gone from afternoon to night, and I will only have fleeting memories of what I had done while in the day. It can be incredibly frightening. However, I have been using a couple of odd methods to help wake me up. One is taking a nippy shower first thing in the afternoon. This already helps freshen me and get me going for the day, however as soon as I start getting hot again, I start to feel terribly fatigued, and so I make sure to keep the air conditioner appliance running all day. This way if I am working while in the day, the ice cold air will help keep me wide awake, and I am blissful to say that it works totally well. As long as I keep my air conditioning appliance working around the low 70s, that is usually enough to keep me awake for the most part. Because of the cold showers and ice cold cooling appliance, I can focus a lot better and get a lot more accomplished. Now if only I can start getting better quality sleep. I might try cooler temperatures at night as well, because I heard they help you get to sleep, but cool temperatures help you sleep, ice cold temperatures keep you totally awake.

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