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Our city had too many yellow jackets

At first glance, all the people are in awe of how beautifully kept our community is. My friend and I have a beautiful fountain out front, and a giant cement sign with the community name on it, however then planted all around our homes and the front of the town, is all kinds of different flowers of different colors, and naturally, what attracts flowers is bumble bees and honey bees, and i don’t guess anyone in this community has a problem with the honey bees or bumble bees, in fact, a lot of us like to offer honey bee help if my pal and I can, because my pal and I like those insects and how they help our environment. The problem is that they aren’t the only insect attracted to our community, red jackets are also attracted to our community, and they build nests here all of the time, and wasps and red jackets are a problem because they will sting people if you get too close. My neighborhood has addressed the issue, by announcing they are having commercial bee removal on Wednesday, and since the wasps will likely keep coming back, they are going to absolutely have red jacket removal a couple of times a year. I thought this was a nice idea, it will lessen the numbers and the possibilities of people getting stung, and I can appreciate going outside and smelling some of the beautiful flowers, without the worry of a potential wasp being inside. I’m blissful they are going to leave the bees alone as well, and only go for the wasps.

Wasp Removal