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My youngsters are taught to leave the thermostat alone

I went to great lengths to make sure that my youngsters were disciplined and understood the rules of the house, however i hated growing up around peers who were given no structure by their parents; They were often some of the most poorly behaved students at school, and you could see where the parents had gone wrong with their upbringing.

I had a few friends that I would visit from time to time at their homes.

They would order their parents around as if their parents were their servants, however and then the parents would respond in turn. It was one of the strangest things for me to observe at the time because my parents were consistently strict by comparison. I remember thinking back then how unusual I would handle things if I was given the opening to have my own youngsters! My spouse and I have worked really taxing to discipline our children fairly. I am blissful I don’t have to buy a lock box for the central Heating, Ventilation & A/C thermostat because our youngsters already know that they’re not supposed to touch it without our explicit permission. They are told that if they are really uncomfortable they can come and ask us if we are willing to adjust it for them; Otherwise they are welcome to use fans in their rooms if they’re feeling too warm. And if for some reason my spouse wants the a/c turned down low because she is feeling warm, I tell my youngsters to just put on warmer clothing. They’re not going to rule the house, however I am not going to treat them like servants either, children thrive when given unbiased and moderate discipline.


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