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Helping my kids with their homework

I don’t understand what they’re teaching kids in schools nowadays.

When I went to school we learned that the basic subjects, reading, writing, arithmetic, english, science, history, etc.

Now my kids are coming home with homework that I don’t even have the knowledge to understand or figure out. It is really unfortunate when your kids don’t wear anything and you can’t help them out with their homework. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know some of my kids’ algebra 2 math, it just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know, maybe I’m just getting old but the subjects that I learned in school just was simpler and less complicated. One of their homework questions to me then make any sense at all, it was talking about something about heating and air conditioning systems. I really didn’t have any clue what heating and AC had anything to do with math, the only thing I knew about heating and air conditioning is that I often would sit my kids under the heating and cooling system when I would be helping them with their homework. This is because the heating and AC system felt wonderful to everybody. We’re currently in the summer months so we’re running the air conditioning system almost all day. The kids never got to experience what it was like living without ac so they think the world is ending if we have the HVAC system off for a while. It’s only because of the air conditioning system that I feel like I was able to keep everybody calm and finally help them get things figured out.

a/c tune up