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Who told you to do your own window replacements?

My sibling Kim came over to the household last week, as well as Kim was so angry, she was shaking.

I sat her down as well as told Kim to relax as well as then tell me what had happened.

Kim told me someone had told her moron of a husband he could do the window replacements, as well as he didn’t need expert window installers. I knew all about Kim’s husband because he as well as my husband were the best of friends. It surprised me that Marty hadn’t gone over to help do the window replacements. The last time they had gotten together to do a window replacement, Marty nearly lost an eye as well as had a serious concussion. The window fell out of the window as well as landed on his head. When the glass smashed, it lacerated his eyelid as well as put a hole in the cornea. It took over a year to heal well enough that he could see again. Kim told me she didn’t want her husband trying to do window replacements again. I understood Kim’s frustration as well as wondered why someone would tell him it was okay to do the window replacements on his own? Apparently, they don’t know Al that well. I called downstairs to my office as well as asked him to come upstairs, but Kim told him about Al installing the window replacements as well as asked if he had asked him for some help. He shook his head as well as told her said nothing, despite the fact that he would never go back over there. He must have seen my look, because he promised he would not attempt to help. He was going to stop the man before he caused disfigurement to himself or destroyed the window replacement kits he already purchased.


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