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Treehouse with radiant heated flooring

I just got back from Spring break and I had the time of my life.

  • My hubby John and I took the teenagers camping, well it was more like glamping because my buddy and I stayed inside a luxury treehouse.

It was not the average treehome that my buddy and I grew up knowing. This treehome had its own viewing tower, jacuzzi tub, temperature control, radiant floors, and it was also a Smart treehouse. Everything was fastened to the network, and my buddy and I could control all the lights, tunes, and the heating and cooling system from the tablet that the household offered. My teenagers loved every minute of this treehouse, in fact my kid Taylor wants to go back again next year. He loved the tower because it was built around a tree, so it felt like he was in his own little treehome sanctuary. My hubby loved that it was on a lake where he could spend some time fishing and relaxing with a beer. My daughter Mia loved the patio where she curled up in the hammock, read her book, and played on her tablet. This is going to sound weird, but my favorite part was that the treehome had radiant floors and temperature control. With temperature control, it’s guaranteed that I will have a good evening’s sleep. My pal and I were in the mountains, so the temperature was cold but the treehome was nice and cozy because we had the heating set at 73 degrees while we were there. And the radiant floors were also a nice touch because it made the lavatory toasty and comfortable after I showered. If I am going to go camping in the mountains, a cottage with temperature control is one of my requirements.



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