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The roofers arrived at 5:30 in the morning

When the roofers told me they could be at the household and working first thing in the afternoon, I thought they meant like seven or eight.

I heard a truck pull into our driveway, however I thought it was the trash truck as well as rolled over to get back to sleep.

Two minutes later, my husband Gene was rousing me out of bed. Gene told me the roofers were already there. It was only 5:30 AM, as well as the roofers had arrived. I groaned as well as told Gene to pull the curtain down, despite the fact that he refused. Gene said if he had to be up to greet the roofers; I was going to be up with him. Gene didn’t want me coming downstairs in my pajamas as well as having the roofing crew looking in the windows as well as seeing me. I wore pajamas, however I would not argue with him. I headed downstairs five minutes later, completely dressed as well as with my hair combed. The older gentleman of the group humbly apologized for being so early. It was supposed to be a scorching hot afternoon, as well as he wanted to get the roof started before it got too hot. He said that they were going to remove the old roof, as well as at the least, they would get all of the tar paper down as well as then replace the roof the next afternoon. I had never seen a team of skilled roofers labor like they did! By twelve noon, they had the old roof off as well as most of the new roof installed. They took an hour for supper as well as went right back to work. When I asked about doing the whole task in two afternoons, he said he hated putting off a roofing task, in case it started storming, so he worked strenuously as well as complete the roof that afternoon.


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