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The patio doesn't get wet with a roof

My wife certainly wanted to get a patio but the two of us did not discuss having a roof or any type of awning over top.

When the two of us spoke with a general supplier to build the patio, all we wanted to think about was the sliding door that went from one room to the next. Of course an enclosed patio would have been much nicer but the two of us did not decide on that. Everyone of us could have contacted A supplier to have them talk with us about screening the whole place. Of course then my wife decided that she wanted to call a roofing company to place a roof on the patio. She wasn’t very happy that everyone of us had not considered this in the first place because we were having trouble with bugs that were biting and food that was getting too warm. I knew that it was going to be hard to admit but she was easily right. Every one of us contacted a general contractor as well as supplier so that we could find out about the roofing as well as some screens. Every one of us wanted the roof but my associate wanted to know if we would be interested in getting some type of an awning. It seemed like an idea, but I was going to steadfast with a roof. Every one of us knew that stability was necessary and the only thing that was going to give us a stable roof was an actual wood roof with shingles and not anything less.


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