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My sibling’s new fiance tried to make us comfortable

My sibling’s new fiance seems like a nice girl.

They have been married for 6 months and I was in the military when they tied them up.

I did not get to meet her until just recently. I took my wifey and we went to visit my sibling and his fiance for three afternoons. My nice friend and I were going to stay in a hotel, but my sibling’s new fiance tried to make us comfortable in their home. I loved the fact that she wanted us to stay there, however she was being truly friendly and gracious. It was truly cold outside and I wasn’t exactly thrilled about sleeping in the basement. I did not know that my sibling and his fiance had to repair things up since the last time I had been there. I was surprised when I walked downstairs and saw the carpeted area, couches, chair, and television. My sibling and his fiance went to the store and purchased a small space boiler just to make sure that it would be sizzling enough. They have a ductless boiler downstairs, but it does not usually run unless the hot and cold temperatures are 60°. They purchased the space boiler to make sure that we would be warm. I truly loved everything that they did to make my wifey and I feel welcome and it made me contemplate whether or not we should move back home. My sibling and I could buy a 40 acre farm for a small amount of money and go into the soybean, corn, and potato industry. My sibling pitched me the idea while I was there, but I do not know if I want to leave the city.