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My sibling helped us install the siding.

My sibling Ken is one of the best company techs in our area.

When I was talking to him about installing new siding on the house, Ken asked if my buddy and I needed some help. My husband is independent, as well as he told Ken he was sure my buddy and I could do it alone… Ken shrugged as well as told him if he changed his mind to let him know. Just 2 afternoons later, Ken called again as well as asked my husband how much siding as well as other materials he thought he would need. My husband hadn’t really taken any time to figure it out, so two afternoons later, Ken had off as well as was at the house. Within two hours, they had the list of things they needed to install the siding, as well as my husband said they were going into town. I’d say it surprised me when they returned with a rental truck full of siding, insulation, as well as other equipment, however I would be lying. My husband as well as Ken got along well, as well as when one or the other needed help, they labored well together. They always act like they don’t need the help, but it is a front so the other one doesn’t feel like they need to help. That weekend, Ken showed up with a crew of workers ready to install the siding. He as well as my husband sat in the front yard as well as guided the men on how to install the siding. They were drinking a beer as well as helping set up a natural gas BBQ grill so my buddy and I could feed the guys, which is what Ken gave them for a task well done. It took the entire weekend to install the siding, along with 500 dollars of picnic food as well as beer, but the siding looks amazing.


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