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My mom bought a busted air con system

There is so much fake information being circulated on the internet and especially on social media platforms.

  • It’s so disappointing that you no longer know what’s real or what’s fake.

For instance, my brother sent me a story about a dog getting eaten by ants, and it turns out the story was nothing but fake news. So, we must consistently be careful about the information that we share because it could be that we are spreading information that could be untrue. Another thing that can be fake is advertisements, as there are people who are willing to scam others for no reason at all. My mom was scammed by a company selling portable a/cs, and as a result ended up losing her money from the fake advertisement. She saw an ad for a portable a/c unit that promised to cool any space down in less than seven or eight minutes. She bought the portable a/c thinking that it would work for her small enclosed patio, but unfortunately that was not the case. In fact, the device was so disappointing that after three minutes of use, it stopped cooling at all and would blow nothing but warm room temperature air in the patio. When I tried to contact the company for a refund, there was no client service phone number, just an SMS address that was offered. After several SMS messages with no reply, I gave up and my mom was left with an air conditioning that did nothing but blow hot air. Thankfully, she didn’t pay a lot of money for the unit, and she knows now not to buy anything she sees on random internet advertisements. A lesson she had to learn the hard way!

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