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Making an excellent HVAC repairman out of my employee

My friend and I have been close for the past seven years, during which time I have lived in the same apartment and trusted him completely whenever I needed to travel for business.

He has been with me for some time and has seen me in my professional capacity as an HVAC technician at my downtown HVAC supplier working on my HVAC system.

We just made preparations for him to enroll at a training school near my dealer in order to become an HVAC technician. While I was away on business for a few months, my friend and I worked up a strategy for him to begin his studies as soon as I returned. As always, I felt safe and secure leaving my home in his care and embarking on my journey. After a week, he called to say that the high-quality heating and cooling system had broken down, turning the house into an oven and that he required my assistance restoring interior comfort. He called the nearby HVAC supply shop, but the employees were all away for a funeral, so he was left to deal with the issue on his own. Since my HVAC contractor also oversaw the installation of my HVAC system, I suggested he phone the office and make an appointment, as the apprentices were the only ones available at the moment. Incorrect readings from the thermostat also needed adjusting. All of my new HVAC equipment is from the same manufacturer, so replacing worn or broken parts will be a breeze. My maid couldn’t take the heat, so he shocked me by trying to maintain the ductless heat pump. I had trained him up to the point where he could do his job well even without my guidance.

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