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Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance while I was away

I met the most incredible dude around a year ago.

After a chance meeting, we both knew it was love.

Since I met him, everything has improved immensely. He runs a woodworking firm, and I’m a heating and air conditioning technician for a reputable company in town. The mom put me at ease with her gentle demeanor, and the dad had me laughing with his never-ending supply of dad jokes until the big day eventually arrived. Just being in their company was invigorating. My dating companion and I quickly realized that our respective skill sets complimented one another. We traded services: he made and repaired furniture for my home, and I installed and maintained an HVAC system for his and his parent’s home. Nobody was shocked when my best friend and I decided to move in together, and since I was already doing quite a bit of traveling for work, we were able to provide some breathing room for one another. At one point, my high-quality heating and air-conditioning system broke down when I was stationed in a strange hamlet for a conference given by one of the most well-known HVAC companies in the country. My dearest friend needed immediate assistance with home conveniences, so he phoned me. A buddy of mine who is an HVAC technician had been called for help with the HVAC system’s maintenance and repair, but he was unavailable. When I phoned the nearby company, someone assisted me right away. Help was on the way, so I contacted my coworker to let him know. The ductless heat pump required maintenance, specifically the replacement of the air filter. The HVAC technician also found that the malfunctioning thermostat was the root of the issue.

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