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Deck repairs were necessary after the animal damage

I heard a lot of commotion coming from outside of the window but everyone of us did not know where the sound was coming from.

It was easily a strange whining and screeching sound.

Whenever one of us saw scratches on the wood of our deck, everyone of us knew there must be some type of animal under the deck. Every one of us contacted animal rescue to come and see what problems were happening. It did not take long for the animal rescue expert to spot a porcupine that was located under the wooden deck. Every one of us told that person to get rid of the animals so that none of the wood would be chewed anymore. It was going to be unsafe to use the deck if it was rotten and being eaten out from the bottom. After multiple days the animal rescue expert removed a porcupine and another porcupine and then placed some stuff around the property that would keep these animals from coming back. Now my associate plus myself had to call a supplier to handle repairs. The supplier came to look at the deck plus showed us where the porcupines were chewing everything. There was some major harm but it was not so bad that we would have to get rid of the entire deck. I was easily cheerful when the guy said this much because the two of us did not want to pay for an entirely brand new wooden deck. We had just repaired and replaced it and the new deck was going to genuinely be a costly project.


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