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Best setting for a thermostat

What is the ideal temperature that you keep your temperature control set on in your home? Are you like some people and adjust the temperature control throughout the afternoon or evening? Personally, I like keeping my temperature control at the same temperature because I know it causes less wear and tear on my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit.

Based on the recommendations from the Department of Energy, the ideal temperature to set the temperature control in the winter season months is 70 degrees and 79 degrees during the Summer.

According to the organization, these temperatures will conserve energy without sacrificing the comfort inside the home. Once I discovered this information, I have been using the settings for my home. The winter season setting of 70 does keep my home absolutely comfortable. However, in the Summer, 79 degrees is ok during the afternoon, but it’s a bit too hot in the evening. So, while I can keep the temperature control at 79 degrees in the afternoon time without sacrificing any comfort, in the evening I consistently drop the temperature control down to 74 degrees. When my buddy and I sleep our body temperature rises, so it makes sense to adjust the temperature control accordingly. The good news is, I have seen the savings on my energy bill after I began to use the commanded settings for the temperature control. The savings won’t make me rich, but it will add up over time, so I will continue to use it. I will eventually invest in a programmable temperature control unit so that I don’t have to manually adjust the temperature every evening. The money that I am saving by using these commanded settings will help to cover the cost of the temperature control. That for sure will be money well spent.

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