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Arriving to a really chilly apartment due to neglecting heater repair

I had just come apartment from an office party, but my associate and I had just closed on a big sale & decided to celebrate.

The deal would bring us handsome profits, & everyone was incredibly excited.

winter time had just begun, & so the weather was really freezing. My associate and I had gone from wearing fewer clothes to layering up; While in the taxi, all I could guess about was my bed & hot house. I have a programmable thermostat to set the boiler to switch on before I get to the locale, so it is hot & cozy when I get there. Imagine my surprise when I got to the property & was greeted by a freezing house. I remembered the heating repair I had been putting off for weeks. If only I had called the Heating & Air Conditioning professional to tune up the electric heater, it would still be running. Almost every heating company does not open on weekends, & it would be a stroke of good luck to find a heating dealership offering heating repair services in this small town. I was so chilly & frustrated about the situation I had brought upon myself. After looking for an available heating dealer for another hour, I gave up mainly because the chilly was discouraging. Amid the frustration, I remembered the fireplace & rushed into the garage, hoping to find extra firewood. I managed to light my newly discovered heating device. I wondered why I did not guess of the solution earlier. I was fortunate to have had heating unit to help me through the night. The next afternoon, I booked an appointment with the heating serviceman, hoping it would not lead to a current Heating & Air Conditioning installation.