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Have to have a heat pump to get through

I’m thinking we’ve got maybe 5 weeks of nice Springtime weather left before the serious heat and humidity dome lowers over our region, however this happens every, single Summer and that’s just the deal, it’s a deal that I find worth making since the rest of the year is just about perfect when it comes to temperatures and weather! But I just had the air conditioning tune up done by the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals last week, and that’s the sure sign that my nice friend and I are once again going to be all about the air conditioning real soon.

I’ve had to flip the thermostat to cooling a few times already… Yet, it’s not been something where the air conditioning is just left on, but we’re still enjoying the Springtime weather and the air conditioning will be left on sooner than I care to recognize about.

At least I have central air conditioning in my home. I really don’t take that fact for granted I can promise you that, but my associate and I are lucky to be living in an age where residential Heating and Air Conditioning is simply an essential. I recognize about what it must have been like to endure these Summers without the comfort of air conditioning. My wife is from this region and she has told me stories about going to see her Grandparents who were also born, raised and lived their lives right here. The stories that she heard about getting up 3 hours before sunrise to get farm work done before peak heating hours actually provides perspective. As much as I might complain about the heat, I’m ever so thankful to have the central air conditioning that keeps the cooling coming all Summer.